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Re: filmscanners: open and control

In a message dated 3/6/01 1:38:14 am, lalle@email.com writes:

<< So, is Eastman Kodak supposed to be the ideal model for "control?" If you'd
bought their stock in 1920 (or whenever you first could buy stock), you'd be
rich now. On the other hand, if you'd bought their cameras, you'd only have
some fuzzy-focused negs to show for it! >>

Or you might have suffered the fate of some who bought in 1939-40. Apparently 
at the outbreak of wartime hostilities several luxury liners sailed for New 
York with rich Brits fleeing the war in Europe. They took with them large 
quantities of money against the strict restrictions on foreign exchange. The 
Americans had suspended dealing in Defence related stocks but Kodak escaped 
this impost at first. When these people arrived in New York one of the few 
worthwhile shares they could buy was in Kodak. However the British Government 
were able to confiscate the shares bought with illegally moved money after 
making a deal with the US Government. By this means the British taxpayer be
came the single biggest shareholder in the Big Yellow Giant. I was told this 
story by someone who had worked for Kodak in both Harrow and Rochester. 
Apparently the British Government still held the shares in the mid sixties. 
They might still. 

Bob Croxford



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