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Re: filmscanners: CD RW Deal

Walter Bushell wrote:

> Given the propensity of scanners to make large files, eg, 35mm at 2700
> with VueScan at 64 bits 50 meg *each*. OTOH I've seen pre orders being
> taken for 24x writers.         thought this might be of interest here.
> at
> http://www.us.buy.com/retail/product.asp?sku=70002669
> TDK VeloCD 12x/10x/32x CD-RW EIDE for $119 shipped
> I'd jump on it but I bough a Samsung 12/10/32 yesterday for
> $85  + shipping.

These prices are getting downright silly!

Since the issue of CD-RW units came up, I'm wondering if anyone has 
happened upon any info in regard to the life span of the write laser (or 
other potentially "weak components" in these units.

A local computer chain here regularly supplies the info that these units 
are lucky to last a couple hundred writes.  Of course, that's just 
before they try to sell you their extended warranty, so I take this with 
a huge grain of salt.  I was wondering if anyone has read any documented 
info on the real life span of CD-RW drives, or if people have personal 
experience as a basis.

I haven't burned a huge amount, so I'm a bad example (about 100-150 at 
this point, including CDRW disks).

Of course at $89 US, who cares, but mine cost me nearly $400 CAN for a 
8x drive, and I'd like to think it will at least amortize out at $1 a 
disk for the burning part.



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