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Re: filmscanners: Nikon LS-30 Coolscan III makes scratches on negatives

That's incredible.  I thought only HP was asleep at the switch
on this, with their HP Photosmart and S-20, both of which will destroy 
your sixth frame if you use a full 6 frame film strip.  HP finally made 
the software limit intake to 4 or 5 neg strips to "resolve" the problem.


Walter Nowotny wrote:

> Using the Coolscan III for scanning negatives I sometimes notice scratches
> after the scan. Sometimes when I scan negatives with 4 pictures, the next to
> the last one gets scratched in longitudinal direction. I thought that these
> scratches are caused by extremely bent negatives. Unfortunately the LS-30 is
> not long enough, so the negatives are bent and rolled up at the end of the
> scanning unit. The turn round is made by some plastics parts which probably
> cause the scratches when the negatives are bent too much. I was satisfied
> with that explanation and tried to smooth down the negatives before
> scanning. However, processing the last two films I noticed straight
> scratches across the whole film strip.
> Does anyone have the same problems? Or even an explanation and cure?
> I would really appreciate! I am tired of ruining all my films ;-)
> Thanks!
> Regards, Walter Nowotny (Vienna)


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