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Re: filmscanners: open and control

 B.Rumary <brian.rumary@virgin.net> said:
  <big snip>

>> Ansco managed to hold out
>> the longest, but is gone now except for the name.
> I think Ansco were killed by the fiasco of "Anscochrome" colour film. As I 
> understand it this was brought out in the fifties. Photographers thought it 
> was wonderful, as it had a much higher speed than Kodachrome, which at that 
> time was only about 10ASA. They saw that they could no take colour slides of 
> fast moving subjects, or in lower light conditions - great!! However it was 
> not so great a few years later when they found all the colours were fading 
> from their Ansco slides! Anscochrome was not chemically stable, while 
> Kodachrome has always been famous for its stability.

I have some Ansco Color slides from the mid-1940s, and their color has become
wonderously bizarre. However, they are of important family events and are still
highly valued.

We owe a big debt of gratitude to Ed Hamrick for the "faded color" correction
capabilities in VueScan. The results on the Ansco slides is still pretty aweful,
but so much better than without the corrections!


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