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Re: filmscanners: Filmscanner for 8x10" prints

Other than a few reports of interface problems with certain versions of 
Vuescan, and a few defective units, the Minolta Dimage Dual II is 
getting good overall reviews in this price range.  The Canon FS-2710 and 
Minolta Dual II sell for the same amount most places.  The Dual allows 
for some batch scanning as well.

Both the Canon and Minolta are similar in scan quality.  The Canon is 
apparently faster.  Although not necessarily related to speed, the Canon 
is SCSI II the Minolta is USB.


Richard wrote:

>> jn asked:
>>> I would like to get a $350-$450 scanner to make scans
>>> of slides to produce 8x10" prints on either an Epson
>>> 870 or Canon S800 inkjet printer.
>> How about the Canon FS2710? Probably in your price range.
>> Colin Maddock
> jn
> I have the Canonscan too and am very pleased with it, especially used in
> conjunction with Vuescan. Check out some example scans here:
> http://homepage.eircom.net/~ricwalsh/
> The lack of a  batch scanning facility is my only gripe.
> The Epson 870 produces great prints up A4 on Epson Premium Paper. I've also
> had the chance to output a few images on a 1270 printed at oversize A3 and
> was amazed at the output.
> Good luck


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