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RE: FW: filmscanners: What is 4,000 scanner quality like in practice.

William Alexander wrote:

>Please forgive the group newbie, but is that $7.50 us for a drum scan and
it considered pricey??? HOLY *#!%!!! I pay $28-$40/scan!!! Am I being taken
for a ride? Please if anyone can suggest a less expensive vendor please do

That was a gaffe. I was thinking "pricey" from an overall (and "hobbiest")
view, vis-a-vis what it costs to do a desk-top scan *without* factoring in
operator-time, office overhead, etc. Which is certainly an oranges-to-apples
comparrison. Ooops. :-o

$7.50 per scan for doing family archiving would be a *project killer* for
me--although that's what I was looking at when I first took on the project,
before spending $3000+ on equipment and a *whole lot* of unpaid hours! But
that isn't the same as doing commercial work, and my "logic" was admittedly
sloppy, although I did mention something about factoring in time-spent.

Is $28-40/scan too much? I've been "out of the biz" for 10 years, so my
answer is "I don't know." Here again, if you're talking commercial printing,
you're also probably also talking about stripping, some color-corection, and
possibly signature makeup. Without knowing your printers' priceing
structures, I'd guess it's probably competitive for what you get, or you
wouldn't be doing business with them.

Side note on cost-cutting: I did do one especially low-budget 4-color piece
that involved a lot of individual chromes. I converted them all to
reflective copy (Type C prints--not as good as dye-transfers, but adequate
for the job), pasted them in position in signature form and hand-cut a
dropout mask, then let the printhouse scan the whole damned thing in one
shot. Probably saved 50% over individual scans, but I wouldn't recommend it
as a regular way of working. In fact I actually quit the account rather than
do it again! ;-)

It's worth noting that 10 years ago, 4000dpi desk-top scanning was not an
option, though Mac-based page-makup was.

Best regards--LRA

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