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Re: filmscanners: OK, Vuescan is driving me nuts

Colin wrote:

>At this stage of my experimenting with the Raw scan, I just cannot extract
the same detail in the white end of my neg scans that the VueScan crop file

The Vuescan algorithms are very, very good. They are somewhat generalized,
as they must be, and the Photoshop algorithms have to be, too. Vuescan is
more "tweakable" in the early stages. PS is more easily "recoverable."
Getting them to do the same thing, the same way, is probably like hitting an
arrow in midair with another arrow! :-)

Since I learned what few computer skills I have on an Amiga, I got used to
the necessity of working back & forth from one program to another. It takes
"Saving early and saving often," and enough patience to possibly qualify you
for Sainthood, but you can usually get what you're trying to
get...eventually! :-)

I usually reserve *that* much work for the very special pictures, and hope
that by the time I get 'round to the other ones, the technology will have
improved! I'm probably kidding myself, but maybe the World will forgive me.

Hang in there, and best results--LRA

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