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Re: filmscanners: Fast, decent, low res scans

Thanks for your advice Larry- I've gone on the Kodak website but I can't
find the information on the hardware and software needed to create Kodak
Photo CD scans.  I think that the PCD writer units have been discontinued-
the goal was to try to avoid outsourcing and keep it in house.  How would we
use Photo CD if we wanted to keep this scanning process in-house?

Nonstock Photography

On 5/22/01 1:21 PM, "Larry Berman" <larry@bermanart.com> wrote:

> Kodak Photo CD is the easiest.
> Do a few tests and set up a batch open and Auto Levels and resize.
> Larry
>> Say you have a portfolio of 35mm slides.  On short notice you are asked to
>> scan two hundred of them and burn them onto CD, low res.  What would be a
>> good scanner and workflow for creating the actual low res JPEGs?  What are
>> good ways to make FAST, DECENT, LOW RES SCANS of 35mm slides?
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