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Re: filmscanners: OK, Vuescan is driving me nuts

Lynn Allen wrote:
>Vuescan has a way of "seeing" that sometimes baffles me. Rather that
>fiddling with the controls for an hour (when I know it will only work for
>that one picture), I'm likely to try my hand at correcting the Raw scan.

>The first thing I do after inverting a raw neg scan in Photoshop(which you
>can actually do in Vuescan, but not in MiraPhoto) is to click on Auto
>Levels, then I'll try the Variations, and tweak the result with Color
>Corection. This works about 90% of the time. If not, then I have to get
>serious with curves and intensities &such, which are sometimes a little
>ticklish for me.

Thanks for the look at your workflow Lynn. At this stage of my experimenting 
with the Raw scan, I just cannot extract the same detail in the white end of my 
neg scans that the VueScan crop file achieves. And that is even when using what 
looks like a very severe gamma correction using Curves. I do like the colour 
rendition using the Raw scan though - off my FS2710 it looks very accurate.

Never mind, things are improving all the time with Vuescan, so we must reach 
Nirvana soon.
Thanks Lynn.

Colin Maddock


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