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Re: filmscanners: OT: photographing on the street

John wrote:

> Does US law really provide for someone to sue for invasion of privacy?
I've never heard of that. I would like to know more if it is true.

OK, True Story; this happend in the late 50's: A Greyhound excursion bus
tour (50's version of Princess Cruises), photographer's assignment is to
photograph happy people enjoying themselves on the excursion.
One photo shows a happy, smiling couple obviously enjoying the trip, and the
company uses it in a *small* brochure. The couple's spouses, who were *not*
on the trip, are less than thrilled.
Divorce. Lawsuit. Greyhound settles out of court. Art Director is fired (I
get his job).

This was obviously not street photography, but the some of the rules apply.
The people involved were in fact injured by the photograph (not to mention
their own actions). The photographer and AD were inocent victims, but that's
the Law for you.

US courts *do* seem to be moving away from suits that do not involve actual
injury, in some cases. They're also moving into areas that are far less
explainable, but that's *another* story.

Best regards--LRA

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