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filmscanners: Size of scan files

I was just going through the files on the computer to see what I could
easily archive to CDR and noticed a huge difference in file sizes.  I have
some full frame scans from Fuji 800 print film that occupy 30MB as 8bit LZW
TIFF files, yet I am going through Provia 100F scans at the moment which
start out at 36MB 16bit from Vuescan and end up at about 15MB in 8bit.
Logically you might expect this from halving the number of bits, but bear in
mind that my LS30 only produces 10 bits per channel. :)  It looks like the
excessive grain of the fast film compresses very poorly, while the almost
non-existent grain of Provia 100F compresses very well.  This also makes
sense, but I just hadn't noticed before now how huge the difference could


PS Yes I know about things like run length compression and why it doesn't
work very well when there is a lot of detail or noise. :)


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