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Re: filmscanners: OK, Vuescan is driving me nuts

"Joel Wilcox" <jdubikins@hotmail.com> wrote:
> Yup, works for me. My Crop|Buffer setting is 2% (I think the default) and
> that seems to work well for my full frame crops.  A person could probably
> increase this to 10% to make sure the black can't influence the auto

The default 2% often doesn't work for me, so I have increased it to 5%
and will check what difference it makes.  Perhaps 5% should be the default?

My main point wasn't about the exposure, it was about how difficult the
Vuescan crop box is to place accurately - even after zooming - because
dragging an edge seems to sometimes drag the whole box.

I wish Photoshop had a crop tool like the one in PSP - the problem with
the normal rectangular selection is that you can't drag the sides once
placed it.  That means you have to guess the starting corner very well or
lose some image when you crop.  In PSP you can roughly set the crop
outline, then zoom to 1:1 to adjust it.  PSP won't edit in 16bit mode
however. :(
The behaviour of the PSP crop tool is *exactly* how the Vuescan crop
outline should work - it nearly does, but not as predictably.



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