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Re: filmscanners: Stellar ghosts and Nikon Coolscan IVED (LS40)

On Sat, 12 May 2001, tflash wrote:
> > points of light you can get bounce back off film plate in the
> > back of the camera that look like halos.
This should be visible in the original slides too. But it is not.

> To the original poster: Do you smoke?

> Looks like you might have a residue of some type on the lens (like from
> smoke).Or maybe the scanner's assembler left their signature on your unit in
> the form of a thumb print on the lens.
Intersting theory.

>From earlier suggestions I made a test slide where I took a black slide
(unexposed) and punched many needle holes into it and scanned it. So they
are plain holes now in the film. You can see the result at
(or full resolution in the file tcrop0004.jpg).
The green areas are just painted green to minimise information in .jpg
format. The test is so easy to make that I would be interested in hearing
somebody else's experiences (either privately or through the net) from
other scanners.

Finally, I made a similar test with a piece of cardboard with pinholes.
No film here any more! Had to focus this manually in vuescan, but the
result was the same.



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