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Re: filmscanners: What causes this and is there any easy solution ?

Art wrote:

>I am beginning to develop a theory about these anomalies that appear in
scanned images.  Is it possible that the CCDs are recording information
outside of the realm of human vision?  What I mean is could we be seeing
artifacts of either IR or UV (or other spectrums) information which are
being translated into the visible spectrum?


>Comments, criticisms, supporting or other views?

Well, I'm not the sharpest tack in the carpet when it comes to scanners and
scanning, but I've seen I've seen enough of these "monsters" to suspect that
Art might have a good point. I'm convinced my Scanwit is "seeing" stuff
that's actually there, by whatever name you want to call it. After seeing
similar "monsters" produced by Nikons, etc, I'm even more convinced (howcome
Polaroid users aren't seeing it? Or are they just not talking about it?).

It could be UV, IR (you'd think that ICE etc would eliminate that, but I'm
less than convinced), dust, mold spores, residue salts from processing, or
microscopic boogey-men, but it doesn't matter--you don't want them in your

This is why I've been campaigning for a versatile *software* solution for
the past few months. Don't tell me I bought the wrong scanner (it's too
late!) and don't tell me to look it up in the manual (providing there *is* a
manual--when was the last time you found anything useful about "noise" in
"online help"?).  The problem is real, the solutions are elusive. And yes,
I'd pay to get those "bogeys" out of my images quickly and efficiently.  Not
$600, though. ;-)

My 2-cents, adjusted for inflation. :-)

Best regards--LRA

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