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Re: filmscanners: LS-2000 VS LS-40

The only advantage I see to buying the older one is it is a "proven". 
Of course, it is proven defective, but that's another story ;-)

The main advantage of buying the newer one is a better warranty 
(ha,ha... it is a Nikon...) maybe better software support (I don't know 
if the firmware has been updated, or if new software features for it 
might not work with the LS-2000), better resale value since it is a 
"newer model" and you might be able to make Nikon feel more responsible 
to you if a problem occurs because it is newer.  I can tell you that 
they pretty much dismiss you if you own their older products.


shAf wrote:

> Dave writes ...
>> I'm thinking about buying either a Nikon
>> Coolscan IV (LS-40) or a refurbished LS-2000.
>> Both nearly same price. What do you think?
>> The current "little brother" model or
>> the older "middle brother" model.
>> ...  The specs are nearly identical.
>       The specs are identical.  Personally, and using the LS-2000, I see no
> need to go upward to the LS-4000 ... but the ability to batch scan
> with the LS-2000 is somewhat deficient with respect to focus.  It
> "film strip feeder" doesn't hold the film as flat as does the "film
> strip holder", which cannot be used for multiple frame batch scans.
> Perhaps, the "film feeder" has improved(?)
> shAf  :o)


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