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Re: filmscanners: Another Mission Completed

Steve Greenbank wrote:

> How about wrap them in groups of say 10 in food wrap (cling film in the UK)
> and include some silica gel which could be replaced every couple of years.
> Should be very cheap and I dont see why it shouldn't work. A more expensive
> but more durable option would be to replace the cling film with air tight
> plastic food boxes - you'd still need the cling film.

Actually, I'd think your idea would work using the heavier "zip-lock" 
freezer bags with a small silica gel pack.

BTW, silica gel can be recharged with a microwave or regular oven. 
Either use the Silica gel that has the color indicator (turns from 
bright blue (dry) to purple (pretty dry) to pink (damp) (by the way, 
even when pink it is still less than 50% saturated) or buy a bit of 
Cobalt Chloride in a hobby shop or lab supply, dissolve some crystals in 
warm water, and dab the liquid some on the surface of the silica gel bag 
(that's the same indicator they use, BTW).

You can also just put the same liquid on some white blotter paper, 
microwave at a low setting or oven heat until it turns bright blue, and 
use it as an indicator to the moisture level in the bags.

Warning: (for all, including Europeans ;-)) do not microwave at high 
settings, do not use only small amounts of the paper and do not 
microwave once it turns blue, as it can damage the microwave oven 
magnetron... I think that's what it's called.  In fact, putting in a few 
bags of silica gel at the same time might be wise so the microwave has 
some moisture to work on.  Do not overheat the silica gel, either.


> Steve
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> Sent: Friday, May 11, 2001 7:47 PM
> Subject: filmscanners: Another Mission Completed
>> On storage of CDs
>> Out of curiosity, anyone live in humid coastal areas (eg Florida)?
>> My CDs develop mould very quickly, the only workable solution seems
>> to be these demhumidifier cabinets.  Gets filled fast, and cabinets
>> are expensive.
>> Needless to say, mould has attacked many early slides ('twas young
>> and careless then).
>> Anyone has better and/or cheaper alternatives?
>> Cheers
>> Lawrence
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