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Re: filmscanners: Corrupted Photo CD

Oh, now you tell me, after I went out and bought hundreds of Kodak gold 
disks this week! ;-)

I'm apt to say this is a software problem, not a corruption of data on 
the disk  (haven't looked at your sample yet).

Possible a problem within the Photoshop file that reads PCD?  The 
likelihood of all the images being effected the same way, with a random 
loss of data which would be expected to occur, is less than that 
something consistent, on your system, has been corrupted.  Is it only on 
the one disk?  Does it happen on all PCD formatted disks?  Do you have 
any commercially made disks with PCD files on them to test (like Corel?)?

Do these lines show up in all resolutions?  Are they in the same place 
on each image, or in a similar pattern?


Larry Berman wrote:

> I just had something scary happen. I put in a Kodak Photo CD to 
> demonstrate how Photoshop allows choice of resolution when opening and 
> discovered that every image on the disk had corrupting horizontal lines. 
> I hadn't opened the CD in about two years.
> Any thoughts.....
> I just created a web page with an example image.
> http://www.bermangraphics.com/problems/photocd.htm
> Larry
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> Larry Berman
> http://BermanGraphics.com
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> http://ImageCompress.com
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