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filmscanners: the "Lehto" effect (was Stellar ghosts ...)

Harry writes ...

> On Fri, 11 May 2001, shAf wrote:
> > To me this implies the problem is with respect to the film ...
> The slides are framed. The ghost does not rotate with the film (it
> in respect to the stars) - am I choosing the right words here?
> ...

    Ok! ... I thought after I wrote I may have misunderstood.  Thanx
especially for bringing this phenomenon to light (so to speak), and
troubleshooting it properly ... and since you have duplicated a very
similar effect with another scanner ... it becomes a general
phenomenon we all should be aware of (... altho the effect is probably
insignificant for normally exposed films ...).  Still ... as general
as the effect might be, we might refer to it after this as the "Lehto"
effect (... just tell us how to pronounce it <G> ...)
    But clarify for us ... (1) the effect is always outward from the
middle ... and perpendicular to how the film is scanned? ... or is it
always on a specific side? ... (2)  Are you scanning slides or
negatives??, and can you duplicate this problem with the other film
type? ... (3) Can you duplicate the effect with a pinhole??

shAf  :o)


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