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RE: filmscanners: Stellar ghosts and Nikon Coolscan IVED (LS40)

On Fri, 11 May 2001, shAf wrote:

>       To me this implies the problem is with respect to the film ... a
> problem with the scanner, yes ... but the problem rotates with the
> film.  If I were to guess, and try something different ... I would
> snip off the sprocket holes ... possibly "all those edges" are the
> source for the internal relections(???)

The slides are framed. The ghost does not rotate with the film (it rotates
in respect to the stars) - am I choosing the right words here?
I have scanned two  more pictures
Here the slide is put in the scanner as should and when viewed with
vuescan this image is at the bottom, somewhat to the right. You can see
the ghosts below the two stars in the field.
Then I turn the slide counterclockwise by 90 degrees. Now the scene is on
the top edge of the vuescan window and again on the right side. Now I get
Now you can see the ghosts pointing up on the screen.
Exposure is set manually on 1 sec. Gamma curves are used in processing.

This image is taken with a 300mm  lens, on EPH ISO 1600
 - the other images mentioned earlier were taken with a 50mm lens and
Kodachrome 200.

Thanks for all the suggestions and tips I have had from this group.



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