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Re: filmscanners: A Good Epson Customer Service Story

Gordon Tassi wrote:

> Laurie:  I guess we wouldn't expect less. However;  when we usually hear
> something about a company, the message is usually one that trashes them.
> Usually, when people are properly served, they say nothing about it and go on
> their merry way.  It is nice to hear that a company, especially a large
> corporation, does do what it is expected to do.  Also, people will remember 
> good impression messages when they are looking for a product and use that
> company's products over another's.  We then get a chance to vote for a good
> company with our dollars.
> Gordon

I agree, and if I ever have a good story to tell, I'll get right on it ;-)

In more seriousness, I absolutely agree that good turns by corporations 
should get equal time to the complaints.  In the case of Larry's story, 
Epson went beyond their obligations.  The first scanner was out of 
warranty by the time he told them about the DOA condition, and the 1200 
could have been replaced with a refurb, as per their warranty contract.

Taking back both scanners and providing a higher end product was both 
good customer relations and good business.  Epson has been getting a bit 
of a black eye from the chipped cartridge thing on their printers, so 
they are wise to try to make some friends elsewhere.



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