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RE: filmscanners: Medium format in a 35mm scanner?

>The Polaroid Sprintscan 120 is shipping and will do both medium format and
>35mm. There are two configuration, different software bundles, with a MSRP
>of  $2795 and $3250 respectively.

And my Microteck 35t+ was worth -- what, $175? -- at the time I decided to
modify it.  The modifications cost me nothing since I had all the materials
on hand and free access to the machine shop in my neighbor's garage.  If I
were even more budget limited than I am, I'd have happily continued using
it instead of replacing it.  Mind you, that doesn't mean I'm recommending
anybody else do it unless they already have a 35t+ on hand gathering dust. 

That said, I did seriously consider buying one of the new Polaroid and
Nikon scanners instead of the Minolta but the $1500+ difference in price --
I paid $1129 delivered for my factory-refurbished one with a 6-mo. warranty
-- struck me as too much for a "toy" that only I would use and not the
whole family.  YMMV, of course...

Jeff Goggin
Scottsdale, AZ


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