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Re: filmscanners: Cleaning slides (PEC tips)

In a message dated 5/3/2001 6:07:17 AM EST, artistic@ampsc.com writes:

> Would you like me to translate "we'll contact Japan about it" into English?
>  "Please go away and leave us alone... we didn't create this problem and 
>  its Japan's fault. If they gave a rats ass, they would have fixed it 
>  long ago, since they've known about the problem for a long time".

My local Nikon contacts forwarded a complete technical description
of this problem to Nikon in Japan, along with a demonstrated fix that
solves the problem.  Having worked in a large company before, I
suspect that the information never got to the engineers who work on
the scanner software, and I suspect these engineers aren't even
aware of the problem.

I've always liked the saying "Never ascribe to malice that which is
adequately explained by incompetence."

Ed Hamrick

P.S. Sorry about the blank message before.  My mouse's left button
is double-clicking sometimes, and the reply button on AOL is in the
same position as the "Send now" button on the window that pops up.


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