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filmscanners: Vuescan 7.xx and interface/tools

Hi Ed,
Hi users of vuescan,

vuescan is astonishing good program which i use continously.
However the last interface change was not only good in  my opinion. I do not
understand why the scan and preview windows are now hidden in same stack of
tabs as the settings tabs. This causes me to click much more than before.
Everytime i want to make a change i have to go back to a tool tab. This is
tedious. It is a lot better when you have the preview permant next to your
tools. The tools+settings can stay in one stack of tabs. Or maybe it is
possible to make the preview tab detachable?
The buttons, menus and distribution of settings are very ok in my opinion.

I have a question about the gamma setting: To what is the gamma value
related? gamma 2.2 is in my case a kind of neutral setting, which before was
1.0.....has it to do with the gamma of the space you use? or with the
computer system gamma, or with the scanner output?

Also i have a big whish for a tool to be added to vuescan:

Would it be possible to make a histogram tool, where to set the black and
white points.
I imagine something like this: One histogram with the original scan
information. Here you can set the black white and gamma point by sliders or
numerically in 12/16 bit precision. And under this another histogram with
the result. The wish comes out of my desire to be able to set the black and
white point more precisely. The percentage settings for black and white
points in the present build of vuescan are maybe precise but too intuitive
and not very repeatable in their usage. Adding absolute precision for the
B+W point settings would significate a big improvement to vuecan in my
humble opinion.

best regards

Jan Albrecht


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