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filmscanners: Acer Scanwit 2720s vs 2740s vs HP s20

Hi all,

many thanks for all your frank feedback.  Its all very encouraging.
My apologies too for not replying earlier after kicking off the 
thread - still fighting a bad 'flu.

My intention was to get a flatbed scanner to do both archiving of
my old/childhood prints (no negs), as well as to convert all my old 
negs/slides plus those of my children (movies, but thats off topic

Over here, fungus gets negs/slides really quickly, that was one reason
why I asked about the ICE (to alleviate the fungus damage and any
handling damage from my young and foolish days).  

Initially I looked at stuff like the Epson 1640su Photo (which has 
gotten some good reviews - if you accept some compromises), or
Microtek's Artixscan 1100.  That way I could have about 70-80% 
of both worlds.  While researching film scanners, the Scanwit
popped up many times under "value for money".  Hey, I like that
too.  So, now, I'll probably go for one of the Acers and an
el cheapo 600 or 1200dpi flatbed.

To summarise:
>From the feedback, it seems that the 2720s is a pretty competant
machine (aided by VueScan).  It also get you to improve your 
slide/neg cleaning technique, and post-scan touch up skills :-).  

The 2740s is even better, but requires VueScan to get the best out of

Interestingly, Art pointed out that the 2740s had a 14bit ADC vs the
12bit for 2720s.  The specs from the eacer.com site showed the same 
colour depth of 36bit (12bit/colour?), so either:
        a.      2720s is "enhanced", and 2740s really has more 
                colour depth
                (by enhanced, I mean that it is not native to the 
                CCD, but modified by hardware after the scan)
        b.      The specs I've seen are the old models (ie newer
                2740s have 14bit ADC - they claim 48bit enhanced, 
                but is that really the bit-depth on the CCDs?  
                Anyway, 48bits is 16bits/colour)
        c.      I really don't know what I'm talking about

I had mentioned the HP s20 more as a comparision, it's the next nearest
in price, but the resolution is lower, and the dynamic range (Dmax-Dmin,
is that what its called?) is not listed.  I guess sub-3.0?  It's also
USB, and I prefer SCSI.....

Thanks again for the inputs.  The 2740s is a bit beyond my budget,
but if it will help with old negs/slides (circa 1970's - 1980's),
then it may be worth the time saved.  Sandwich lunches for the 
rest of the year :-)


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