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re: filmscanners: Acer Scanwit 2720s vs 2740s vs HP s20


There are quite a few scanwit owners on the filmscanners list, but general 
opinion questions I've noticed don't turn up a whole bunch of answers.

Personally I am getting quite qwick at fixing dust and scratches on my slides 
and negatives in Photoshop.  If you do not have photoshop, I would put it VERY 
high on the list.  The reason being the manipulation after the scan will take 
many times longer than the scan itself.

When I started I could not get good scans on some of the negs and slides, but 
now that I have nearly a year under my belt and hundreds of hours in Photoshop, 
I would consider myself quite proficient for a hobby.  I can dust spot and neg 
or slide in about 5 minutes or less.  Therefore I put the personaly worth of 
ICE at about $100.00.

In my opinion, whatever film scanner you buy, VUESCAN is a must from 
www.hamrick.com.  And especially on the ScanWit as Mira Photo is weak.

Grain aliasing is a problem with all the 2700 dpi scanners, the 2900 _might_ be 
a little better.  4000 dpi don't seem to suffer much.  This is the single 
biggest issue with the Scanwit, the optics are very sharp.


 >>  am new to the filmscanner world, so please bear with the newbie questions.

 >>  I'm considering either the Acer Scanwit 2720s or the 2740s.  My perception
 >>  after reading the specs, is that the 2740s is 2720s+ICE.  Did I miss
 >>  anything?

 >>  Would like opinions/experiences of whether the ICE was worth the price.
 >>  Otherwise, for the 2720s, how much effort did you take to touch up 
 >>  any negative defects (assuming minor blemishes).

 >>  If you have a 2720s, would you (on hindsight) have bought the 
 >>  2740s?

 >>  The other unit I'm considering is HP's s20, but on features, stacks 
 >>  up with the 2720, and is much more expensive here.

 >>  Thanks
 >>  Lawrence


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