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RE: filmscanners: Re: Minolta Scan Dual Problems

Hi Art
        When "holder error" came for the FIRST TIME, I rebooted PC and I did
NOT get the 
"holder error" so continued scanning; but the resulting scans were Megenta,
Green ..

Then I reinstalled the software and everything was fine for few scans.

Normally I scan 10 films a day and I get this "holder error" once. To
correct this, 
some time I need to reinstall the software and sometime I need to just
reboot it.

It is difficult to relate both the errors.Bad scans problem came after FIRST
"holder error". 
and it never came again. After this, I have got "holder error" few times but
not bad scans.

Switching-off of the scanner reboots the OS, this has been very 
consistent problem and now my PC seems to have two controls:-).


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Subject: filmscanners: Re: Minolta Scan Dual Problems

Hi Ramesh,

When you reinstalled the software and it worked for six films, did the color
scan normally, or did it still become very green or magenta?

After it failed the second time, did it then scan green or magenta?

I'm trying to determine if the holder not set problem and the very off-color
scans are both occurring at the same time, or if they are independent


Ramesh Kumar_C wrote:

    My 2-weeks old Minolta Dimage Scan Dula II has following problem.

"HOLDER NOT SET PROPERLY ERROR = 36" message box comes.
After getting this error anything of the following may happen
a) When I switch off the scanner, my PC gets rebooted.
b) Normally I will not be able scan but if I am able to scan, scans will be
completely GREEN or MEGANTA

To get over this error I need to reinstall the minolta software.
But after scanning another 6 films again I will get same error.

Environment: I am running Win 2k & Minolta "Easy Scan Utility"

Any help will be welcome.


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