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Re: filmscanners: Scan Dual II problem

on 3/24/01 5:24 PM, Berry Ives at yvesberia@earthlink.net wrote:

> Guess this is a question for Minolta...
> My scanner just started making a thin band across the long dimension of the
> image, viewable on the monitor and comes out on the print as well.  The band
> has a cyan cast, and it is about 1/32" wide (1 mm) on a full format
> 7x10.5"(18x26cm) print.  I appears consistently about 1" (2.5cm) from the
> edge of the print.
> Seems to me likely to be a CCD problem.  I'll probably call Minolta on
> Monday, but does anybody have any ideas about this?
> -Berry
I wanted to share that I tried the fixes suggested by two on this list, who
thought it more likely that some dust or other detritis had lodged itself on
the CCD.  The suggestions included turning the scanner on one side; tapping
it; blasting some dust off into it, taking care not to shoot propellent into
it; and whatever combinations of the above.  Didn't help.  Called Minolta,
and they had me return it.  That was last Friday, so now is the test of the
warranty.  Sent it express mail, so they should have received it by Monday.
We shall see.



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