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Re: filmscanners: film scanner software

> "Mikael Risedal" <risedal@hotmail.com> wrote:
> > VueScan are (also in my opinion for beginners) but if you are concern to
> > learn how to scan  pictures  try a "pro software"   and  see who much
> > you can get out from your negative or slides.
> That's a big assumption about how much money people have to throw around,
> isn't it?

Yes, definitely.

>  If I can get good results with Vuescan for US$40 why would I want
> to buy Silverfast just to "try" it??  Silverfast won't give me 10 bits per
> channel from my LS30.

I suspect Silverfast can. I have recently, I think, found away to extract
raw 48bit scans for Silverfast Ai in a way that allows you to later process
the file in Photoshop. This makes Silverfast an expensive way to read the
data but I did get it bundled with my scanner. The great thing about working
this way is I can avoid learning how to use 2 pieces of software. I need to
use photoshop with the digicam so now PS can do most operatioons with 48 bit
images why should I bother to learn how to process using the scanner
software ? (I use mostly slides - colour cast removal from negs could be
tricky in PS).

> Yes, I know you can get a demo of Silverfast, but IMO it's a
> sufficiently complex piece of software that it's difficult to judge from
> demo whether it would be worth buying.

You can make a judgement but you would have to invest quite a lot of time.
Given the asking price I think many people will give up on the grounds that
if costs that much it should be easy to use.

I don't think it is.

Yes, there are some options in Silverfast that would allow an expert
unparalleled control of the image , but (IMHO) you need months (at the very
least) of Silverfast scanning experience  just to get your head round them.

Things aren't helped by the documentation that appears to be comprehensive,
but I can rarely find the bit that helps me. The tutorials at
www.computer-darkroom.com (thanks Ian) have been much more useful. I think
the Silverfast manuals are the only software manuals I've bothered to read -
and I'm still struggling!

Scan Wizard Pro is much easier and intuitive and you can perform different
adjustments for each image when batch scanning. Silverfast appears to apply
the same settings to everything in batch mode - so it's auto adjust or
forget it.

I put some E6 samples I made in July 2000 on my then new Artixscan 4000. At
the time it was suggested that the Silverfast image was best. I'm not so
convinced it's so clear cut now. The silverfast colours are iffy but the
Scan Wizard pro have too much contrast. Which is better ? Interestingly,
Vuescan seems to do better than Scan Wizard Pro on the contrast and better
than Silverfast on the colours. Have a look and see what you think?


If there is any interest I'll redo the images. I am sure the results out of
Silverfast are better. I haven't re-tried the Scan Wizard Pro or Vuescan

> Silverfast filmscanners who have Silverfast got it bundled with the
> At least in Australia, OEM bundles are nowhere near as generous as in the
> USA.
> I don't know what the comparison with Europe is like.
I'm in the UK and generally we get "done over" too. Bundles are less or
there is no cashback offer or it costs more. Frequently it's all three!



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