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Re: filmscanners: Grain Aliasing at 2700pppi

>"There probably isn't enough 'picture there' to make a picture, there," you
>might say. You've heard it before, said it before, and so have I, more than
>once. But the thing is, there *is* quite a bit of picture there, and the
>Scanwit "sees" it. Getting it *out of there* and making it presentable is
>the difficult part.
>Every discussion we've had on this list about G-A begs the question "How to
>deal with it?" We know (or do we?) what causes grain aliasing and/or noise,
>what films to use in future, what scanners to buy in future, et cetera. But
>how does one get those hundreds of blue-green pixels out of the dark areas
>and the red-brown pixels out of the flesh-tones today, this afternoon?

I get into this sometimes with theatre photos where a combination of tungsten 
stage lighting and very high contrast from brightest area to dark background 
almost guarantee underexposure in some dark areas like background and in 
shadows on faces, arms and legs.  

When these are background I select the background areas, sometimes clip off 
black end using levels then apply median filter.  When in skin shadows I use a 
soft edge blur brush (which I found to be more successful than trying to select 
these areas and filter).

Resamplng down helps when I have more pixels to work with than I'll need for 

Bob Shomler


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