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Re: filmscanners: Insight, Silverfast, VS - was What's MFT

On Fri, 6 Apr 2001 00:35:35 EDT   (RogerMillerPhoto@aol.com) wrote:

>  However, now I'm trying 
> to figure out how the undocumented Insight and poorly documented 
> Silverfast software works.  No one on the list offered to help me 
> figure it out following my last post.

Insight should have a help file, and certainly did, though I don't know if 
that has gone AWOL with later versions supplied on CD.

Silverfast is pretty hard, and I wouldn't try and engage with that unless 
and until you know your way round scanning. Even then, it's far from 
intuitive as it goes way beyond basic scanning functions.

However the real problem with most scanner s/w is that you get no 
education about which adjustments to use for which faults, or even how to 
identify them correctly. I have some sympathy with this : you wouldn't 
expect a car handbook to tell you how the clutch works and when to use it.

It's no help right now, but I am working on addressing this as part of 
website Mk2.

My credibility WRT that must be <0 by now, as it has taken so long. But 
the end of the major diversion - evolution of an equitable subscription 
scheme*** quite unlike anything else on the net - which has delayed it, is 
now in sight. 

> Maybe I need to buy Vuscan.  
> (LOL, as they say!)

You don't *need* to, and there's a good case for getting to grips with 8 
bit scanning using Insight first as its controls are more intuitive. To 
get the best out of VS often requires a different approach, scanning to 
16bit and carrying out some corrections within PS. Ultimately it is worth 
it, especially with negs, but it may temporarily increase vertigo for 
people who are clinging on to the steep and rocky learning curve by their 
fingernails. Take small steps, breathe deeply, rest often, don't look down 

*** I will post a separate msg about this soon, as we need beta testers.


Tony Sleep
http://www.halftone.co.uk - Online portfolio & exhibit; + film scanner 
info & comparisons


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