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Re: filmscanners: What's MFT

In a message dated 4/5/2001 5:39:13 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
artistic@ampsc.com writes:

John Matturri wrote:

> I got my SS4000 back from Polaroid servicing center a couple of days
> ago. There was a notation that, among other things, an MFT adjustment
> was made. Any idea of what that is?

Would it be politically incorrect to imply it was a Mutha F*%$#$ Tough
Adjustment?  ;-)


> I have to praise Polaroid for turnaround speed. They got the scanner
> last thursday, and estimated that they would send it back in 7 to 10
> days; it was returned to me, two day delivery, on tuesday.
> John M,

Congratulations on your success with repair of your SprintScan 4000.  I had
different results and posted my problems with Polaroid's service here a month
or so ago.  I sent mine to Polaroid's east coast repair center here in the
U.S. a total of three times.  It was never returned until I called to ask
about it.  They seemed to never know where it was or what its status was, but
usually returned it promptly after I called, but always unrepaired.  David
Hemingway read my post here and knew where to kick the sleeping dogs at
Polaroid (between the legs, below the tail, I would presume).  I soon
received a new replacement in exchange for my problem scanner.  (Thank the
gods for beer, beautiful women, and men like David Hemingway!)  I'm now a
happy camper and my SS4000 seems to work just fine.  However, now I'm trying
to figure out how the undocumented Insight and poorly documented Silverfast
software works.  No one on the list offered to help me figure it out
following my last post.  Maybe I need to buy Vuscan.  (LOL, as they say!)

By the way, I think Art's politically incorrect definition of MFT may be
correct.  Only it doesn't have anything to do with your scanner hardware.  It
has to do with the "adjustment" David applied to the repair department.  (LOL
all over again.)

Anyway, thanks again, David.  Polaroid seems to have a very good reputation
here on the list, so I'm probably the only person who's had a problem.  And
you solved it.


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