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Re: filmscanners: Crashes with Nikon LS4000

Mikael Risedal wrote:

> Nikon have done the same mistake as Polaroid did with the pree released
> Sprintscan 4000 1.5 years ago. The Polaroid software Insight was terrible. (
> Im not sure if it works today)
> The Nikon  ED 4000 and software are not optimized and  ready for the market
> yet.

Thanks for the info.

What I received from Nikon is not supposed to be "pre-release", I have not got
some early version to test but a regular order through my local shop. I admit
that I was very surprised when they called to say that my order was ready.

> Polaroid 4000 and Nikon LS2000 comes together with Silverfast 5 (here in
> Sweden) and the scanners works well..

In Switzerland the only thing that is bundled with the ED 4000 is
FotoStation.Silverfast was bundled with the LS2000 but it looks as if this
agreement has been dropped - or Silverfast doesn't support the ED 4000

>  Only hope Nikon does the same thing
> with ED4000 as a choice to NikonScan.  I think  NikonScan can be
> a  good software in next up date,  it has  the  basic quality and have not
> so many errors as Insight in the beginning.

Agreed, I quite like Nikon Scan 2.5 and  the 3.0 has some interesting new
features. If only it would not crash all the time, I would be happy.



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