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Re: filmscanners: AcerScanwit

Arthur Entlich wrote:
> It would appear you might have an answer to some of your frustrations in
> that Acer appears to be monitoring this list.  Perhaps Mr. Lo will be
> able to start facilitating some changes to benefit all Scanwit owners.

Well, it seems that my earlier problems on Win2k may be related to hardware
or ASPI layer conflicts. The fact remains though that Acer tech support
claims they only support the scanner when connected to their SCSI card, and
will not support anything at all on Win2K, despite the box claiming
compatibility. Basically they threw up their hands after 3 or 4 calls and
said, "it might be a bug in MiraPhoto, but it's not our problem."

Symptom: the driver (and the application which called it) would frequently
lock up immediately after scanning an image with Digital ICE enabled, before
the image appeared on the screen. If I attempt to terminate it from Task
Manager, it says the program cannot be killed. The only recourse is to shut
down, power-cycle the scanner, and boot back up. Sometimes it would scan 20
slides successfully before this happened; other times it would hang after
the first slide, and do it again when I rebooted.

What tipped me off that it might be my problem after all is that the same
thing started happening in VueScan. At that point, I moved the scanner to my
new Linux box (P3 1GHz, 512MB RAM) and tried it there. Not a lockup so far.
This also gives me an excuse to use Linux more. One problem though, as
Andrew Brooks has pointed out: GIMP does not support 48-bit TIFF's. Does
anyone know of any image editing package on Linux which does? I'd prefer to
keep the cropped images in 48-bit TIFF until the very final step, then
output 24-bit JPEG for web use.

    -- Todd

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