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RE: filmscanners: Printdpi

--- You wrote:
Also I am fed up with the truly vast waste of ink and paper, and especially 
time. In all my years of darkroom printing I have never come across such an 
unruly, infuriating and wasteful process with the exception of lith 
printing - my record there is 4 days to produce a single print I was happy 
with. Later, I decided it still wasn't quite right. 
--- end of quote ---
Thanks for this, Tony.  When I was printing from color negatives on Kodak paper,
I went around and around but kept careful records of filtaration and
dodging/burning protocols.  The material was consistent and I could tweak a
print months later if necessary.

Epson prints, at least at my level using an older 600, are satisfying in that
they exist at all and are a substitute for hot chemestry and hours in a dark
room.  My consolation for inconsistency and other limits of the technology is
that the corrected print file exists on my disk waiting for the next affordable
development in technology.  

At least hard drives and cd-roms are reasonably archival.  That is, assuming our
computer formats don't go totally obsolete in 30 years.  The 'chromes I am
printing from these days are indeed 30 years old and look like new.  And are
analog, so will always be accessible. 

(I still use an Amiga for a lot of my non-graphic, non-audio work since that's
were the files are.  Some of this stuff doesn't cross platforms easily,
especially in bulk.)



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