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Re: filmscanners: Printdpi & A3 from 2720

Mark wrote:

>by crikey your original needs to be spot on!)

That always works best in *all* scanning situations, IMHO. :-)

The problem remains: what to do about the many otherwise-good pics that
*aren't* "Spot On?" (and in my case, there're quite a few! ;-) )
Skill and Time are required of course, but "knowing where to start" is a
prerequisite! That's why this List is so good.

Best regards--LRA

>Having just experimented with print resolutions using a very sharp
Kodachrome 25 with lots of fine detail, I would agree with Bob's figures.

>I found that I could push the print resolution down to 140 dpi before I
began to detect a noticeable difference in the prints when viewed at about
30cm (12").  (That indicates a good 25" x 17" print! is quite possible from
a 2720 dpi scanner :), but by crikey your original needs to be spot on!)

>If you want the images to stand closer inspection, then 200 dpi is usually
enough.  There is very little difference (for naked eye viewing) above
this, but it *does* depend on the subject, and I guess, your eyesight!  Try
it yourself..

>And to answer the other enquiry - print times are dependent on your
*printer* resolution setting, eg a 1440 dpi printout will take much longer
than a 720 dpi one.  Changing the image resolution will not help here.
I suggest you stick to the highest printer resolution for the paper in use
- at lower figures you get much worse dithering effects, esp. on a 4-colour
inkjet printer..

Mark T.

At 10:46 AM 29/03/01 -0800, Bob wrote:
>If the resulting resolution is greater than 240ppi, print it. Generally the
>minimum resolution for printing might be 150ppi, but many would disagree
>a good number would recommend at least 200ppi.

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