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Re: filmscanners: Printdpi & A3 from 2720

Having just experimented with print resolutions using a very sharp 
Kodachrome 25 with lots of fine detail, I would agree with Bob's figures.

I found that I could push the print resolution down to 140 dpi before I 
began to detect a noticeable difference in the prints when viewed at about 
30cm (12").  (That indicates a good 25" x 17" print! is quite possible from 
a 2720 dpi scanner :), but by crikey your original needs to be spot on!)

If you want the images to stand closer inspection, then 200 dpi is usually 
enough.  There is very little difference (for naked eye viewing) above 
this, but it *does* depend on the subject, and I guess, your eyesight!  Try 
it yourself..

And to answer the other enquiry - print times are dependent on your 
*printer* resolution setting, eg a 1440 dpi printout will take much longer 
than a 720 dpi one.  Changing the image resolution will not help here.
I suggest you stick to the highest printer resolution for the paper in use 
- at lower figures you get much worse dithering effects, esp. on a 4-colour 
inkjet printer..

Mark T.

At 10:46 AM 29/03/01 -0800, Bob wrote:
>If the resulting resolution is greater than 240ppi, print it. Generally the
>minimum resolution for printing might be 150ppi, but many would disagree and
>a good number would recommend at least 200ppi.


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