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Re: filmscanners: Color saturation with Vuescan

Jon - Thanks 

It's one more thing I'll try...  This stuff has about *a million* degrees of 
freedom, and in the end, I'm still working with something that's subjective. 
I'm afraid I may have been a bit too lazy so far. It's not going to work though 
- the canned solution isn't going to satisfy me.

Are you happy shooting Supra? I've been using some Royal Gold, mostly 100 speed 
and I like it. I heard the two films were for all intents and purposes the same 
film, but I have no way to prove it. The skin tones from the automated prints 
I've gotten back from the RG weren't too good, but the ones I scanned myself  
are much better. I've been told by everyone that if I'm shooting people and 
looking for good skin tones tones I should be shooting Portra, but I really 
don't want to fool with the refrigeration issue, and I like how sharp the RG is.


>Jim, I noticed I get "better looking" results scanning my Kodak Supra
>400 with Generic Neg setting. Info posted on another thread indicates
>that Vuescan attempts to make all neg films "accurate" to a Kodak
>target, which seems to me would make all different types of neg film
>look alike. So, you might want to experiment using different Neg
>settings or generic. Also note color balance notes on Neutral vs. White
>balance etc. I guess it depends on the subject matter, ie skin tones or
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