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RE: filmscanners: Vuescan: "device RGB"

On Tue, 27 Mar 2001 11:43:54 -0800  shAf (michael@shaffer.net) wrote:

>       I understand Ed being wary ... At one time I was under the impression
> he was characterizing the scanners Vuescan supported, but you seem to
> claim some scanners are not characterized. 

No, part of his adaptation of VS is to characterise the scanner. But there 
are a few scanners which, whilst not explicitly supported by named modules 
(=specifically characterised), seem to work anyway because they share SCSI 
commands with one which is supported. AFAIK this applies only to flatbeds, but 
whether the characterisation of the supported scanner is a good fit to any of 
those is a matter of luck. If it works well, it works well. If not, it's 
unsupported :)

> For example, did he take
> the time to chacterize the LS-40, for which he added support in a
> single day??

I am certain he will have done so, because I've discussed what he does 
with him at some length off list. He wouldn't claim to support it otherwise.

> If he offers a color space option which is "implied" to
> belong to the device, this is important to know.

It's not an option but hard coded and different for each supported scanner.
Unfortunately this places it beyond experimentation. IWBNI he provided a 'Pro' 
version at higher cost which allowed you to derive your own characterisations 
from any film and for your own scanner (either VS-unique code, or ICM), but 
someone would have to go into business producing suitably toleranced targets on 
a variety of materials. A can of big fat worms.

>       I need to play with this option ... I simply opened VS yesterday to
> inspect the help file and look and feel of the v.7 GUI.  If I catch
> the gist of current users of this option, I may well end up in the
> color space I want by "assigning" the 3-D LUT profile upon opening ...

The profile which came with your scanner I presume? Yes, that should work (with 
a raw scan), but you won't have any access to film characterisations unless the 
scanner mfr provides different profiles for those, instead of the more common 
generic neg or pos ones.

> altho it would have been better to go straight to it via a "color
> space = 'none'" option so I could take advantage of IR cleaning.

I see. You want blood for $40, you do :)

>       I'm harping about imperceivable effects of one implimentation of CM
> versus another more rigorous ... 

Last time someone said that of VS, ISTR Ed took exception and pointed out VS 
does no more and no less than ICM, except not give you a tag. 


Tony Sleep
http://www.halftone.co.uk - Online portfolio & exhibit; + film scanner info & 


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