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Re: filmscanners: Vuescan: "device RGB"

Goerf writes ...

> shAf wrote:
> >  Has anyone figured out how to use this color space option??  ...

>  I'm the one who has requested for this space.
> Choosing this device space will disable all color space>
> conversions in Vuescan (like raw) but allows you to
> perform the light/heavy/medium filtering on it,
> which is not possible on the raw output.
> ...

    I see ... but it is a strange implimentation ... especially when
it is in the context of color profiles, leading to possible confusion.
If the option were labeled 'none' it would be better.

    Ed has been not necessily close-mouthed about his implimentation
of color spaces, but he hasn't been clear either.  I belive he doesn't
impliment the characteristics of each scanner he supports.  Vuescan
can control them, but there is no recognition of the "color" the
scanner is capable of.  For example, I believe Rob's recent post of
colormatchRGB into AdobeRGB seemingly being accurate is an example of
this ... that is, it is an work-around interpretation of his scanner's
color space into his working space which seems to work.  The proper
implimentation would be a proper characterization of the scanner's
color space into working space.

    (Rob ... if you are reading this, instead of Colormatch, you might
want to try EktaspaceRGB into your working space, which I determined
to be very close to the device profile provided by Nikon.
Alternatively, you might try the "device RGB" option, and then convert
from "%_NKWide_CPS.icm" to your working space when you open the file
in Photoshop.  I won't claim it will be the subjectively perfect scan
you're looking for, but I might suggest it'll cure the
overly-saturated reds you're experiencing.)

    I also admit I need to play with the above suggestion and with VS
v.7 ... I am unfortunately in the middle of selling a house and moving
across north america ... and it just so happens my scanner has taken a
back seat and has been put away ...~sigh~...

    In any case, I imagine Vuescan will continue to get good marks for
controlling the scan acquisition, but VS will also continue to cause
confusion in the arena of serious Photoshop users who want to strictly
adhere to proper implimentation of device profiles and working color
spaces.  As you say ... Ed claims this would be a difficult
implimemntation ... but while we all recognize with kudos the
advantages of VS, we need to also recognize its weakness and lack of
scanner characterization.

my US$0.02 ... shAf  :o)


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