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Re: filmscanners: OT-ish Epson 1270, was Repro house..

Just what size is are A4 and A3 prints? Also, I should note that I've often
heard/read people remark that they can print off scanned images up to such
and such size (e.g., 11"x14"), but I'm not always clear about just what size
the image is that is placed on the paper. What, for example, is the usual
image size for a print on A4 paper? Does it vary much?

Chris Hargens

-----Original Message-----
From: Tony Sleep <TonySleep@halftone.co.uk>
To: filmscanners@halftone.co.uk <filmscanners@halftone.co.uk>
Date: Monday, March 26, 2001 8:56 AM
Subject: RE: filmscanners: OT-ish Epson 1270, was Repro house..

>On Mon, 26 Mar 2001 13:45:20 +1000  Rob Geraghty (harper@wordweb.com)
>> Obscanning: I have yet to try printing at A3, but do those who have
>> at A3 from 2700dpi scans find the scanning resolution adequate?
>Back to back comparisons here between A4 1200 prints of 2700 & 4000ppi
scans of
>the same Astia image show a slight fudging of fine detail in the 2700
>Viewed alone, it's fine, but once you have noticed the slightly 'vaseline'
>effect of lower sampling res, it's hard to overlook if you are being picky.
>However I didn't notice until I did the comparison :)
>A3 will make this rather more noticeable, but TBH there are very few 35mm
>images which really benefit from that sort of size unless they will be
>from at least 3'.
>> I was intrigued
>> (and a little depressed) to read Tony's recent comment that the aliasing
>> at 4000dpi was much less than at 2700dpi.
>All I meant is that 4000ppi seems to greatly reduce the sensitivity to film
>grain which causes this intractable problem. It's just one less thing to
>to worry about.
>If you stick to films which don't excite grain aliasing problems (Astia,
>Provia, KR64, Reala - none gave me any trouble with an LS1000, and I'm sure
>there are many others), a 2700ppi unit won't give grain aliasing. Problem
>solved ;)
>> I'll bite the bullet in the next
>> few days and actually try an A3 print.
>Definitely the best idea :-)
>Tony Sleep
>http://www.halftone.co.uk - Online portfolio & exhibit; + film scanner info


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