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Re: filmscanners: NikonLS-3510AF

--- You wrote:
Regarding your problem... it could be something is slipping (are there 
any belts of rubber rollers?), or a gear is striped somewhere (I don't 
know the internals of these units), or you could be experiencing logic 
circuit meltdown, discrete components that are going off value, or even 
bad solder joints.  If there are any internal plugs or socketed chips, 
make sure they are cleanly and well seated.

--- end of quote ---
Thanks Art.  Since I replaced the stepper motor with no improvement, it is
probably circuitry.  I reseated all the plugs and socketed chips with no 
The drive mechanism is an elegantly simple worm gear which is free and secure. 
It's a direct drive stepper motor (5 phase, .36 degree respolution made by
Oriental Motors, $80 US) Scans tend to be perfect, though out of registration. 
The motor just doesn't always seem to know where it is.

I'm hoping someone knows the machine well enough to put a finger right on the

Thanks for the thoughts, Art.



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