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Re: filmscanners: NikonLS-3510AF

The LS-3510AF had MANY more problems than steppers. Trust me. I had painful 
with one for years. And my machine worked for it's specs. Examples: dynamic 
(never published, but told to me by Nikon after warranty period) only about 2.4;
Windows version software had bug which effectively disabled any realistic B&W
scanning...Nikon promised a bug fix from when I bought it but never did, yada, 

One thing Nikon was proud of, - they said the thing is built like a tank 
inside. And
it always worked for me within it's envelope of bad software, poor range, harsh 
source, etc(!). Maybe I just got a "good" one though?

Only saw the inside once but I think the stepper runs a toothed belt and toothed
pullys- this would be fairly robust. Of course, other things could be wrong with
positioning on some machines...

Arthur Entlich wrote:

> I wish I could help, Richard, but I'm afraid you might have
> inadvertently proven something about Nikon...
> Nikon has had ongoing stepper motor problems with their LS-30/2000
> series, and perhaps their LS-20/1000 also.  We were just musing
> yesterday as to whether the problems would be fixed on the new LS
> 40/4000 and 8000 scanners, but now that we know the problems existed way
> back with the LS-3510AF, it seems less likely Nikon has figured it out yet.

Jim Hayes


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