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RE: filmscanners: Repro house skirmishing (long)


This paper in all its formulations was first brought out and intended for
the 870/1270 printers and the new dye based inks that were in their chipped
cartridges and allegedly had greater lightfastness than the older dye based
inks used in the 1200 and other earlier printers.  As you know, the orange
fade phenomena proved the archival quality to be restricted to only
lightfastness and not to ozone or air contamination.

Having said this, I believe that you can use the Premium Glossy Paper in the
Epson 1200 printer without any of the benefits that were supposedly unique
to it when used with the new dye based inks of the 1270/870.  Basically, the
way I understand it, the paper in both the old and the new formulation was
designed so as to accept and sublimate the new dye based OEM inks better
than the old Epson Photo Paper was able to handle these new OEM inks (the
paper base was also alleged to be whiter than the older Photo Paper); thus
it would only show its benefits (archival or otherwise) over the traditional
Epson Photo Paper when used in conjunction with the new dye based OEM inks.

Hence, given the purpose that you would be using the inkjet print for,
archival quality is not a major significant factor as long as the damn thing
does not turn orange within a month or two; moreover, since there are few
other features other than a whiter base that you could obtain from using
Premium Glossy Photo Paper over the Epson Photo Paper when used with the
1200, I do not think the Premium Glossy Photo Paper (EPGPP) would be of any
benefit to you.

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On Sun, 25 Mar 2001 03:30:21 -0500  Dave King (kingphoto@mindspring.com)

> Epson Premium Quality Photo Paper.  The quality with Epson oem dye
> inks is quite amazing with adequate profiles.  And it's widely
> available.  But you want to be sure to get the 3rd iteration.

I've never even seen this stuff in UK yet, only Photo Paper. I didn't
it was useable in the 1200 though, so haven't really looked.


Tony Sleep
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