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filmscanners: Re:grain

This is a reply to an old message.  Sorry, but I had some difficulty posting to
the list, now, I hope, cleared up.

--- You wrote:
When I ran a B/W custom
lab, we learned that the PhotoFlo dilution was the key to getting strreak and
dust free negs... not the dilution that Kodak recommended, but a different
--- end of quote ---
Hi, I'm new to the list and have followed a bit of the film cleanliness thread. 
Some years back when I was doing a lot of b&w film work I was plagued with crud
on my negatives.  Not just streaks but actual grit.  Spotting prints was a all
day affair.  I installed expensive filters in my water lines with no
improvement.  Turned out, the key was to get rid of Kodak PhotoFlo and use one
of the more modern wetting agents.  I don't recall the brand at the moment, but
the difference was dramatic.  Streaks and grit were gone forever.  If I remember
correctly, c-41 film chemicals come with a rinse of their own and I never had
crud problems with them.

It may be that individual water chemistry affects which wetting agent works best
for you, since the Kodak product is a classic and lots of folks have used it
without a problem.   And it may well have been improved since twenty years ago. 
If you are having a problem, you might try several different wetting agents and
see if a change makes the difference.



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