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filmscanners: Color Calibration

I shoot mostly architecture on Fuji emulsions, Reala for 35, NPS and NPL
for 4x5..then I scan them as 16 bit linear scans into PShop 6 from my
Minolta Dimage Elite, whre I do an invert and then levels.... which is
where the fun begins..the exteriors are pretty easy to scan and get the
color close enuf (blue skies and green grass, etc.) however when it
comes to interiors, it is whole different story.. remembering the exact
color of that carpet or wall covering is usually pretty tough... what I
am thinking of doing is making up 3 large (say 12"x12") panels, one
white, one 18% gray, one white, attaching a color bar underneath and
sticking that in the main light area of each different view, where I
would make one shot with, then go on to make the actual exposures
without... this would then allow me to use the eyedroppers in Levels to
set my points and hopefully bring the colors into line... any comments
or suggestions?

Mike M.


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