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Re: filmscanners: Scan Dual II problem

This could either be a failed CCD sensor, or, more likely some dust that 
has fallen over the CCD.  Try placing the scanner on its side and gently 
tap it on all sides.  Then try scanning something with it still on it's 
side.  That might fix it.  If not, some careful use of compressed air in 
the right location might do it, but you might need some instruction from 
Minolta on how to direct it.

Obviously, if it is under warranty, and the CCD has failed they should 
replace your unit.


Berry Ives wrote:

> Guess this is a question for Minolta...
> My scanner just started making a thin band across the long dimension of the
> image, viewable on the monitor and comes out on the print as well.  The band
> has a cyan cast, and it is about 1/32" wide (1 mm) on a full format
> 7x10.5"(18x26cm) print.  I appears consistently about 1" (2.5cm) from the
> edge of the print.
> Seems to me likely to be a CCD problem.  I'll probably call Minolta on
> Monday, but does anybody have any ideas about this?
> -Berry


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