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Re: filmscanners: Neg film for scanning

Either way, using Vuescan's light cleaning setting, the scratches were less
of a problem with the Supra, than the RG in the 100ASA speed which may have
nothing to do with an emulsion coating.

And the Supra 400 that I've shot didn't "seem" to have any more resistance
to scratching than the RG 100 or 400 or Supra 100, all processed at the same
cheapo lab, but scanned very well. But I haven't compared them under a

The Supra 100 is renamed PJ100 Prof. Ektapress, and isn't optimized for the
skin tones, like Portra.

Kodak maintains that all the Supra films, not just the 400, are "optimized
for scanning", and the optimization must mean more than just the
anti-scratch coating of the emulsion.

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> When I read the Kodak specs carefully, the anti-scratch coating is
mentioned for
> the 400 speed Supra, but not for the 100 speed Supra. Also, I was told the
> speed has just been renamed from Portra. >


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