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Re: filmscanners: CoolScan IV (or LS40)

Vicky:  In the US there is an article in Peterson's Photogtaphic or
Outdoor Photographer's April issue (I cannot remember which.)  It was
located in the back, just before the the large advertisement section.  If
you cannot get either of them where you live, I suggest that search
throught the March, April, and May  photo magazine issues should have
something about it.   Ihe major companies often provide either a test
module or a press release to the magazines before the unit hits the


vicky@kotol.sk wrote:

>   What do you guys expect from Nikon's new upcoming scanner LS40 ?
>   Should I wait or should I buy Canons FS2710 or even the older Nikon
>   LS30 ?  Is the gain in density from 3.2 to 3.6 (in ls40) worth
>   waiting and the exta money? Do I really need dpi of 2900 compared to
>   dpi of 2700 ?
>   I'm starting to build my digital darkroom and I start with purchase
>   of film scanner. In the future, I intend to make enlargements up to
>   30x40cm, but majority of my pictures probably end up at 20x30cm.
>   Thank you for your comments.
> --
> vicky@kotol.sk


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