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Re: filmscanners: CoolScan IV (or LS40)

HI Vicki,

There may be a number of advantages to waiting for Nikon's newer film 
scanners, unless you must have one in the next several weeks.

The Ls-2000/30 models suffered from some stepper motor problems which 
likely were designed out of the new scanners.  Prices on quality CCD 
chips have lessened, so Nikon can afford to provide a better chip now. 
Although the difference in resolution is not huge with the new model, it 
may alleviate some of the grain aliasing that seems to occur at the 2700 
dpi resolution, and this might prove to look like a bigger improvement 
than the numbers show.  Further, for whatever density range numbers 
mean, if Nikon did improve from 3.2 to 3.6, or even if they simply 
improved it by .4, that is a substantial improvement in this scale.  It 
will mean much cleaner shadows and less burned out highlights.

Lastly, once the new scanners reach the shelves in quantity, the 
LS30/2000 models will lower in price considerably, whether new, refurbs 
or used.


vicky@kotol.sk wrote:

>   What do you guys expect from Nikon's new upcoming scanner LS40 ?
>   Should I wait or should I buy Canons FS2710 or even the older Nikon
>   LS30 ?  Is the gain in density from 3.2 to 3.6 (in ls40) worth
>   waiting and the exta money? Do I really need dpi of 2900 compared to
>   dpi of 2700 ?
>   I'm starting to build my digital darkroom and I start with purchase
>   of film scanner. In the future, I intend to make enlargements up to
>   30x40cm, but majority of my pictures probably end up at 20x30cm.
>   Thank you for your comments.


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