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Re: filmscanners: To clean/wash old negatives on glass ?

At 11:24 17/03/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>Dears, after many months of 0 activity on digital photography ... I have
>started again and hence here I am to bother you all ... I beg your pardon,
>but I need your valuable help and advices.
>I have found some negatives (B/W) on glass 4'x6' (inches) and I am trying to
>scan them using a flatbed HP 6200 and Vuescan 7.0 .
>The very first problem I have found is that the negatives are particularly
>DIRTY , spots, shadows of liquids (humidity condensed ? ) etc. ...
>SO ! how do you suggest to clean/wash them ?

firstly, old negs are very fragile, the emulsion wasn't hardened, so avoid 
anything above 20-22C. You can clean the glass side, as long as it doesn't 
affect the emulsion. I wouldn't try anything more than water and cloth. 
Even then, I would make a contact print, just in case. Saying that, if you 
do it using soft light source, you may need less time for removal of 
scratches and dirt. You may wet the whole lot in water plus surfactant 
(PhotoFlo) and dry to remove any drying marks. However, it may not work.

>May I use some chemical products I have at home to clean/wash the windows ?
>... alcool , and some other shining chemicals + soft paper ?
>OR should I try to used distilled water only ?

stay away from anything but water, if it does affect the emulsion.

>I want to avoid to waste these old glasses .... they are family portraits
>and I am sentimentally involved with this stuff.
>My goal is to print them after having scanned and worked with PS.

contact printing can be done at any location. use paper on the softer side, 
so you get the whole image, even if it is soft, it can be improved in PS. 
BTW, don't forget to put emulsion to emulsion. I know, you know, just a 
reminder. :-{)

I am currently struggling with BW negs 35 mm, scanning is nothing, but 
cleaning afterwards is a real PIA. ICE doesn't work.

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